Wordpress Plugin - Embed Slideshow Galleries and Media Players in Your Posts

Slideshow galleries and media players are extremely popular on the web these days. That's because with the millions of websites out there and more coming online every day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the attention of the average surfer. The number of choices is practically endless, and most users will visit several sites before finding exactly what they're looking for.

WordPress media plugin rich media content, such as image slideshows, video galleries, audio players, and podcasts will give your visitors a reason to choose your site and a reason to stay, something to talk about and something to share with their friends.


Add Video, Audio, Photos and Slideshow To Your Website and Emails...Very Easy!

Just select the media you want posted to your Website from the list of file you have on your PCs, and customize the player the way you want it. With Cincopa, you paste the automatically generated HTML into your website and forget it. Very simple! It is just choose, cut, paste... that is it!

1Choose one of our awesome skins

2Upload your media to Cincopa

3Get a simple code and embed on your website

Cincopa is the most complete Video, Image, Audio/Podcast Hosting Platform


Put Your Blog into Action with a WordPress Media Player Plugin

Put your WordPress blog into action with a multimedia plugin designed specifically for WordPress. Create a buzz around your content and the search engines will notice. Typical blogs containing only text articles and information are fine, but photo blogs, video blogs, podcasts, and sites which offer music and other audio can be much more exciting and extremely popular.

The visual beauty and elegance of a dynamic photo or video gallery will turn your blog from bland to grand in minutes.

  • Cooliris 3D viewers, carousels and multiple skins
  • Customizable options and transitions are all at your fingertips and can be created and inserted into your posts in just a few short minutes.
  • Combine music, videos, and photographs in one presentation with the click of a few buttons.
  • Simply choose a skin, upload your files, customize your options, and insert the resulting code into your pages and posts.

Choosing Media plugin for WordPress

If you own a WordPress site, then you've probably used plugins before and know how simple they can be to install and implement. Certain plugins are installed by default, and using them is simply a matter of enabling them from your WP administration panel and setting a few options. Others you have to install yourself which is a fairly simple process. Most are free or relatively cheap, and many have built-in support and other features. Not all media plugins are created equal, so you may have to try more than one to find the right one for your needs. Look for an experienced developer with high ratings from the WordPress community, and read all the product reviews you can find.

The Cincopa Solution — All-in-One Plugin for WordPress

Cincopa's WordPress plugin is an all-in-one multimedia application which can do all of the above and more. Access Cincopa's web application directly from WordPress or install our Desktop Media Agent.

Upload your files from anywhere and start creating incredible WordPress slideshows, photo galleries, podcasts, streaming videos and music players. Cincopa is fast, reliable, and completely free for most users. Premium upgrades are available for even more options.

  • 44 skins to choose from
  • Fully customizable to fit your theme
  • Flash, full-screen, Cooliris 3D, Lightbox
  • Supports avi, mov, wmv, mp4, m4a, f4a, f4b, f4v, f4p, m2ts, mts, DVD vob, mkv, rmvb, m1v, qt, div, divx, dv, 3gp, 3gpp, 3g2, mpg, mpeg, mpe, flv, wav, wma
  • Supports iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and other smartphones
  • Automatically add media from your YouTube, Flickr, and Picasa accounts
  • Progressive download (pseudo streaming — for fast downloads without buffering)
  • Post to your blog from anywhere and even if your videos are at home on your PC
  • Allow visitors the option to download your files or use domain lock feature to protect your files
  • Automatic conversion to .mp3 if your original audio is in another format
  • Automatic video transcoding and conversion to flv/3gp/mp4
  • Remote access from your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or any other mobile device or PDA
  • HD widescreen flv and H.264, ideal for videoblogs and photoblogs
  • Hosting and delivering your media on Amazon S3 Web Services ensure scalability and reliability
  • Embed your media automatically in any page or post with the click of a button with shortcodes or simple HTML
  • Supports other CMS systems and public web sites including Drupal, Joomla, MediaWiki, Ning, TypePad, Blogger, vBulletin, Weebly
  • Publish your photos, videos, and slideshows as an RSS feed
  • Combine photos, videos, and audio in one online presentation
  • Cincopa API lets you create your own dynamic applications
  • Complete traffic analysis and reporting
  • Multiple pro-level packages available
  • 100% free for most users

Cincopa is the most complete Video, Image, Audio/Podcast Hosting Platform


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