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Cincopa Video Player

The most customizable video player on the market, offering branding, interactive elements, a complete API and a variety of template style designs.

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HTML5 video player

Our video player makes it easy for any business to embed a video on any website, customize it, and add branding. The complete JavaScript Player API provides full control over the player and its features.

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Video Chaptering

Cincopa's video player chaptering feature enhances viewer engagement by creating a playlist-like appearance. It allows you to segment the video into markers, providing a better user experience by helping viewers easily find the sections that interest them the most.

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Responsive Design

Cincopa's HTML5 video player and galleries are designed to be fully responsive. Cincopa ensures that your audience can access your content from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, delivering optimal visual quality and functionality.

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Floating Video Player (Sticky Video)

Boost engagement and maximize ad viewability using our floating video player, which remains visible and follows the viewer as they scroll through the page.

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Interactive Video Annotations

Enhance marketing conversion and video training efficiency with interactive clickable annotations. Add four types of video annotations for a more engaging and effective experience.

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Securing and Branding Your Video Content

Use Cincopa's robust security features to safeguard your content with watermarks, password protection, player logos, and right-click protection. Enhance your defense while boosting brand awareness.

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