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Catch your audience attention and intrigue your visitors by creating a dynamic video player for website that will embellish your blog and web pages. Embedding a Drupal video gallery in your posts improves the users' first impression and magnifies interaction and traffic. Web users are not the only ones to notice your Video galleries; search engines are programmed to index all the video related content such as title, description, URL and comments and the many even have a special video search engine, which helps to increase traffic dramatically.

Cincopa Drupal video module was developed specifically for Drupal sites and is extremely easy to install and use. Unlike the outdated and slack technique of manually implementing an HTML code, the Drupal video module enables you to produce an appealing Drupal video gallery in a few minutes, without having any prior programming skills.


Choose One of Cincopa's Attractive Drupal Video Player Templates

Video Playlist Templates

  • Video with horizontal playlist

    Video with horizontal playlist

    Video player with horizontal playlist, responsive, elegant design, suits portable devices
  • Video Academy Template

    Video Academy Template

    Combine multiple video playlists in a single easy-to-navigate video player that looks great on any screen.
  • Spree Video Playlist

    Spree Video Playlist

    The playlist is customizable and features video title, description, and a square preview thumbnail. On mobile the playlist collapse into a horizontal slider playlist.
  • Video Portal

    Video Portal

    Create your Video Portal
  • Video gallery with right playlist, large preview thumbnail

    Video gallery with right playlist, large preview thumbnail

    The playlist is customizable and features video title, description and a large preview thumbnail. On mobile it collapse into a horizontal slider playlist with title
  • Online Video Course

    Online Video Course

    Paywall feature - lock\unlock selected playlist items. Allow only logged in subscribers to view premium content. Add register USE THIS TEMPLATE

Video Player Templates

  • Photon Video Player

    Photon Video Player

    Customize appearance to match your brand and website design. Interactions for video marketing, moneytization and privacy. Photon is a HTML5 Video Player.
  • Billboard Video Player

    Billboard Video Player

    Fully responsive HTML5 billboard video player with small capture of next video, slider type, modern and user friendly
  • Facebook mode video player

    Facebook mode video player

    Video player with autostart in mute when visible, mobile friendly video gallery with categories, multiple options for customization, pagination
  • Product-Ad Video Banner

    Product-Ad Video Banner

    Built for E-Commerce and publishers Inserting Ads on their site. Video will autoplay without controls and always be silent. Both on desktop and mobile

Video Gallery Templates

  • Video and Podcast Channel

    Video and Podcast Channel

    Create a distraction-free, branded channel to showcase your videos and podcasts and educate your audience.
  • Marketing Category Slider

    Marketing Category Slider

    Showcase your product, values and features using images, short form videos and text.
  • Product Marketing Slider

    Product Marketing Slider

    Showcase your product, values and features using images, short form videos and text.
  • Video gallery with categories

    Video gallery with categories

    Mobile friendly video player with categories, multiple options for customization, pagination

You can easily customize the template using the advanced settings or with CSS edit.

  • Responsive
  • Desktop 1280x720
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

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How to Create a Drupal Video Gallery

The Cincopa Video gallery application for Drupal is free and requires only a few minutes of your time. Sign up for Cincopa's free account, make sure you have installed the Cincopa Drupal module and follow these 3 simple steps

1Choose Drupal Video Player template

You may set the basic options and preview as many templates as you like, to make sure you are happy with your chosen template.

2Upload files

Upload multiple video files into your Cincopa folders. Cincopa application will automatically convert and compress your video files to allow the best quality and highest speed. Remember you are always free to change any of your previous choices.

3Embed code

Cincopa will provide you with the appropriate Input filter to embed into your pages. Make sure you have installed Cincopa Drupal module before completing this stage.

Cincopa is the most complete Video, Image, Audio/Podcast Hosting Platform


Why Use Cincopa's Drupal Video Gallery?

Cincopa has developed an advanced video player application; it is highly effective, easy to use, and offers 17 incredible looking templates. Cincopa's Drupal video module and Drupal video gallery creator are both free of charge and surprisingly quick and simple to deal with. Your new, stunning Drupal video gallery will keep its accurate and stylish appearance, when viewed from all kinds of portable devices including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other Smart-phones.

With Cincopa video gallery for Drupal all you have to do is install the Drupal video module at Drupal website; upload your raw video files and embed the appealing gallery in your blog. Cincopa will be the one to decode and compress all of your videos to improve their quality and speed. Cincopa uses extreme security measures and dedicated servers that ensure high scalability, reliability and speed.

Cincopa Application for Drupal Video Gallery Supports All Major Video Formats:

  • avi
  • mov
  • wmv
  • mp4 / m4a / f4a / f4b / f4v / f4p
  • m2ts / mts
  • vob
  • mkv
  • rmvb
  • Rmvb
  • M1v
  • Qt
  • Div, divx
  • m2ts / mts
  • 3gp, 3gpp, 3g2
  • Mpg, mpeg, mpe
  • flv

View additional features of Cincopa Drupal Video Application:

  • Accessibility - remote upload and download
  • Customization - set your video player size, color, loop, autostart etc.
  • Allow visitors to download your videos
  • Playlists and Menus
  • Set your buffer length
  • Cooliris 3D gallery presentation
  • Flash video galleries
  • Pseudo-streaming - guarantees a fast download and no buffering
  • Professional Upgrades at minimal cost

If you need help with Cincopa Drupal module installation process, follow the detailed instructions on How to Install the Drupal Module article