Cooliris 3D Gallery for Video and Images (600X450)

The Cooliris 3D gallery for video and images is a highly impressive presentation that may enhance any kind of webpage. The initial display consists of numerous thumbnail images organized in a 600*450 frame with a slide button for browsing the gallery. Each thumbnail image has a title and enlarged image option. Visitors may view images (large or small) in both manual and automatic slideshow modes. The entire gallery can be displayed on-page or on full screen view.
Cincopa's Cooliris 3D gallery for video and images includes many basic and premium features, free hosting and delivery services and an easy to handle wizard that enables a fast and easy creation, embedding and managing of your galleries. The gallery suits all HTML webpages as well as common CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, Blogger, WordPress, WordPress MU, TypePad, Ning, vBulletin, MediaWiki, Weebly and Buddy Press.

Cooliris 3D Gallery for Video and Images Skin and Demo:

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Skin's Main Features:

  1. Upload numerous image and video files.
  2. Set skin dimensions.
  3. 4 background colors.
  4. Click the small image to enter Cooliris view.
  5. Hover over a small image in the thumbnail gallery to view its title.
  6. Move the slider, located at the bottom of the gallery, to view gallery.
  7. Click thumbnail image to enlarge it.
  8. Use the simple control panel at the bottom of the window to rotate enlarged images or to switch to automatic slideshow mode.
  9. Click the X icon or any place outside the enlarged picture to revert initial gallery.
  10. Upload images from any device or from your Flicker or Picasa accounts.
  11. Automatic resizing, conversion and transcoding.
  12. Remote access.
  13. Free hosting and delivery (up till 400MB space and 200MB bandwidth per month).
  14. Remote access.
  15. Premium plans include the following and more:
    1. User's download option.
    2. Domain lock.
    3. Remove Cincopa branding.
    4. Intro animation.
    5. Search button.
    6. Background color.
    7. Tutorial message, navigation arrows, sharing buttons etc..
    8. Number of rows.
    9. Description.
    10. Image reflection.

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You can easily customize the template using the advanced settings or with CSS edit.

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