Add Rich Media
to Your Website or App

Open source multimedia platform with simple, clean and powerful API


Integrate videos, audios and images

Cincopa is a powerful multimedia platform that enables you to easilydevelop websites and apps with videos, audio, and images that integrate directly into your custom design.
Regardless of complexity level, you can fully rely on Cincopa for all media aspects related to uploading, storage, management, delivery and transcoding with the help of the most advanced rich media technology.

cutomizable video player
video player tools

Develop interactive experiences

Cincopa provides clean, easy-to-use API with open source code.
Our Media Platform API allows accessing content using REST-like and feed requests. Developers can use it to build rich multimedia experiences based on interaction with custom data gained from users.

Manage multiple accounts

Professional developers that deal with numerous websites and apps can be benefit from our My Client Center solution. Extremely helpful when you need to access data from different Cincopa accounts,
My Client Center enables you to manage various elements and functions using a single dashboard.
You can control media assets, view your client list and link new users to the administrator’s account.

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Deliver high-quality content

With Cincopa, you can be sure that your multimedia gets to the end user at the highest possible quality. We use a reliable CDN system that ensures flawless content distribution to all device types.
No matter how many people will be using your app or viewing your website, Cincopa guarantees your users will be accessing media at record speeds, thanks to rich media solutions such as impeccable streaming; No breaks, no delays.