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Live Streaming Technology

Cincopa makes use of video streaming softwares like OBS, Wirecast, and Zoom studios to deliver high-quality video feed. Our users get access to a plug and play RTMP link that can be integrated with the above-mentioned apps. Cincopa currently offers two kinds of streams, Passthrough and Transcoded that can be utilized as per user requirement. Our Live Streaming feature is included in all our plans with no added cost and trial users get to avail 2 hours of free live streaming during their subscription.

AutoSave Your Streams

Our platform is not only effective with its streaming technology but it is also very efficient in a way that you save a lot of time and energy avoiding things that we have automated for you. Your streams are your assets and they shall not be lost in long and exhausting streaming processes, for that we have our “AutoSave” feature that copies your stream to your Cincopa media library. Your feed is always safe and ready to be enhanced with features like on-video annotations, multilingual auto-generated subtitles, ads, subscription, trimming and CTAs, and much more. Once enhanced, you can run a full marketing campaign around your content, embed it on your website, share it via our account-site landing page or share it on social media.


Cincopa’s live streaming technology is truly made for professional broadcasting where you get to choose whether you want to stream 1-to-many or run a full studio with multiple speakers/co-hosts. Be it a webinar or a private stream, Cincopa has got you covered.

Power to YOU

Our users can leverage both transcoded or passthrough streaming technologies as per the requirment of their event. With passthrough streaming your feed is distributed as it is collected with no platform level optimization, while with trascoded video stream your content is converted on the go for better compatibility and user experience accross devices and networks.

Live Streaming For Enterprise Internal Communication and Webinars

Live Steam Meetings, Events, Meetups, Learning and education to your employees, customers, prospects and partners. Gate your live steam with Video Lead Generation to generate leads

Live Streaming for Events organizers

Video Steam your event publicly or privately (behind login paywall) to maximize profit and exposure with your remote audience.

Live Streaming for Salesforce Chatter and Portals

Communicate in real time, privately and securely within your organization. Use SSO (single sign up) to ensure the privacy of your Live Steam.

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Reliable hosting for live video streaming

Cincopa makes live video streaming hosting as flawless as possible for you. use any RTMP supporting camera. Even use your Smartphone to broadcast to your audience on 4K in near real time.

You can control broadcast delay time to broadcast in near real time and allow viewers to navigate the Cincopa Live player timeline and go back in time to the begining of the live stream.

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