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Power your customer support and service using video

Use Cincopa’s video platform, portals, emails and integrations to empower your team and provide your costumers with the best customer support possible.

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Why use video for Customer Support?

Your customers are one of the most important parts of your business. In today’s digital age that means utilising the most effective means of communication — video.

Whether you’re an enterprise providing support for your B2B or B2C customers, a growing Startup building the next big thing or an E-commerce site selling goods online, you need to find the right way to ensure you customers will remain happy and loyal to your business. Video customer support in a way that quickly resolves your customers problems, generate personalized communication and maintain their high level of satisfaction from your product or services.

The way we at Cincopa utilized Video Customer support is to produce a series of "customer help" and "how to" videos as canned response for our Helpdesk and Emails and have a self-service, searchable video portal where our users can find a solution to their problem or an answer to their question.

In some cases our support generate video “on the spot” using RecTrace — Our webcam and screen recorder which instantly makes itself available by Connecting RecTrace with our Support team’s Cincopa Account.

Cincopa For Zendesk Video Integration

Create engaging "How-to" videos, Record and share hpersonalized videos.

Your "how-to" and help videos can be created, uploaded and edited easily and quickly with the Cincopa for Zendesk widget directly from within Zendesk. Add annotations, include calls-to-action, chapters — for longer guides, subtitles and other additional details, to further engage your users and encourage them to utilise your helpful support videos.

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Cincopa for Customer Support

Easily create how-to videos and personalized video response

Use Cincopa's RecTrace chrome extention to quickly shoot professionally looking videos. Instantly have them on your Cincopa for Zendesk widget to share with customers. Team members can easily add and customize videos to create a shared how-to library

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Track and analyse viewing with Cincopa Video Analytics

Use Cincopa’s advanced video analytics and Video Heatmap to measure how engaging your support videos are and optimize their content. Visit the Cincopa for Zendesk page and try our integration

Embed a Video Knowledge Library portal Gallery directly onto your website

Build a complete self-service video support library - Manage, Embed, Measure and optimize.

Embed in your Inapp messaging platform

Insert a video thumbnail directly into your in-app messages to engage and educate users

Share your videos beyond your website with Inapp And Email

Send Video announcements, updates and news to maintain relationships and promote your products and services.

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