The Power Of Video In Learning

Motivate learning with video lessons and student recording assignments.
Measure engagement and results

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Any Style Of Learning

Student Engagement and On Demand Learning

Enable teachers to capture lectures, and create engaging video presentations with a single, easy to use tool. Allow students to record or submit content, easily search and access video courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Make Learning Measurable

Viewing Analytics Tools

Data-Driven Learning

Provide teachers with instant insights regarding how specific videos are performing. Sync student video completion & viewing data with your LMS reports to understand how video is impacting grades and progress.

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A Solid Managnemt Platform

Media Management & Archiving

AI-Powered Digital Asset Managment

All of your uploaded and created videos are easily searchable and accessible to students, educators and staff according to access permission management. AI-powered ADA-complient automatic closed captioning and auto tagging enhances accessability and search.

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Key Benefits

Video & Media CMS

Ingest, host, manage, search, publish & distribute content.

Leading LMS & CMS Integrations

Widget & analytics integration with leading LMS platforms.

Mobile-Ready Interactive Video

Cincopa's HTML5 player fully supports all types of screens and offers interactions like annotations, chapters, and quizzes to support and enhance learning.

Captions, Accessibility and In-Video Search

Cincopa supports ADA, 508-compliant multi-language automatic closed captioning and captions management support, as well as in-video search.

Live Video Learning & Recording

Broadcast and deliver guest lectures and events to your audience, while making them instantly available on-demand.

Video Capturing Solutions

A capturing solution to create talking-head and presentation videos.

Adaptive Streaming (HLS) & CDN

Sophisticated caching, CDN delivery and HLS-supporting player that ensures optimized bandwidth consumption and a buffer-less viewing experience.

Flexible Deployment Options

Public and private cloud, hybrid or on-premise. Cincopa adapts to your IT needs and requirements.

Attract Potential Students

Campus Life

Education is not just a cause, its also a business.

Promote your brand and institution by providing live and on-demand sports and music events, student group events, and guest speaker sessions.

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Marketing & Alumni Relations

A Fully-Featured Video And Media Marketing Platform

Cincopa's marketing suite offers a complete set of tools to host, publish, distribute, share and track videos, podcasts and visual marketing items with your target audience - on your website, email campaigns, social and more.

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