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Cincopa's Cutting-edge suite offers A sophisticated mix of video advertising tools and features to maximize your video revenue.

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Video Ads – Pre, Mid and Post Roll

Video ads, one of the highest ROI method in your monetization arsenal. Cincopa supports VAST video ads, integration with third-party advertising platforms.

Monetize Video Content with VAST Ads

VAST video ads is a great option that lets you promote both your own and third-party content in your videos across all platforms. You can take full control over ads appearance, placement, performance, and the number of impressions they get. If you own a solid video network or large video portal, you can easily promote your own content with VAST ads. You can place a catchy ad videos in pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll. Optionally, you can allow viewers to skip ads after a few seconds or keep them watching the full ad — the choice is yours.

Subscription based video moneytization

Our Video paygate API makes it possible to hide a part of your content and make it available only to authorized or premium users. Drive viewers to subscribe and pay for your premium content. with subscription video monetization you can exactly predict recurring revenue.

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Video Syndication

Increase views and ad revenue, Place cincopa’s video player and galleries on partner websites and application.

Publish to Youtube

Managed and publish videos directly from Cincopa to your youtube channels to monetize on social.

Measure and Track Audience engagement With In-depth Video Analytics

Video analytics is a necessary tool that helps you to understand your audience and its preferences. Knowing what works the best for your viewers is the first step in gaining profit. Cincopa provides in-depth video analytics that gives you detailed insights into your content performance.

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