Secure Video Streaming for Publishers

Secure your content from being dowloaded or accessed by user trespassing your pay-gate or subscription model. With Cincopa's security features, your media assets would not be compromised while you publish them online for your valuable viewers.

Get Secure Media Asset Hosting

With our easy to manage security features, you will be able protect your content from digital breach at different levels.

Protect Your Monetized Conent

It is immensely important for publishers to secure their content online from being dowloaded or accessed by users trespassing the pay gate or subscription channel. Unauthorized access coupled with compromised digital rights can affect monetization strategies, thats why at Cincopa we have developed end-to-end encryption of your videos. Videos on our platform are played through a securely encoded player creating a trusted ecosystem between the publisher and the viewer.

Upload and Manage Subscribers

Upload the list of subscribers, those you would like to give the access to your content. Add email ids and assign passwords to each of your subscriber to whitelist their viewership or delete the user when their subscription ends. Each video gallery can have unique set of subscribers thus giving you the freedom of subscription management for each content category. Additinally, users can restrict rendering videos based on IP addresses and Domains.

Stay DRM Protected

News broadcasters, digital publishers, self-publishers, magazine, newsletter and other types of media and book publishing companies have all benefited from Cincopa's secure hosting platform. Our digital rights management support for videos, images and audio files lets users to host, share, stream content online securely via web-links, customizable pages (client portals) or though embedded galleries. Cincopa empowers you to protect copyright information and unauthorized circulation of your valuable assets.

Watermark Videos

Watermarks are essential to build authority over your content and provide key support in building its copyrights. Watermark behave as a copyright notice to discourage others from using and distributing your content without your permission. Imprint your logo, name or trademark throughout the video timeline with a few clicks.


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