Video Hosting/Video Player/Responsive design

Mobile-Ready Video Player
One embed code fits all screen sizes

Cincopa’s responsive video galleries and players look great on any device and screen and allow you to create a unique, fluid appearance throughout your website or App.

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Excellent Performance on All Devices with adaptive HLS

Cincopa’s responsive video gallery templates ensure top-notch performance for all types of browsers, screen sizes, devices, platforms and connection quality.
The Video always fits and always plays fast!


Customize with ease

Using Cincopa, it’s easy to create a mind-blowing video gallery for your business needs without being technical. A professionally looking and responsive video gallery is a proven method to make your website engaging and unique. An impressive collection of Cincopa’s fully customizable templates allows you to easily create and publish mind-blowing video galleries with unique and responsive design. You can forget about paying extra fees to designers and developers, now making a new gallery takes only a couple of minutes using Cincopa Wizard.

Boost Engagement on Your Website

Embed single videos or complete video galleries

Cincopa offers so many options to maximize the attention of your audience: responsive video background mode, fullscreen video, autoplaying sliders, and much more. You can also grab more views and create a long-lasting multimedia experience on your website by pinning a video gallery to one of the corners of a screen; it will remain always on top and visible to users even when they scroll the page. With Cincopa, you can choose any custom video gallery style and put it to a perfect position on your website.

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Easily Embed Your Videos

Make your content available to customers on any platform by embedding responsive video to websites and blogs. Responsive HTML5 video is compatible with any CMS, LMS, blog hosting, and eCommerce system. Copy and paste the video HTML code directly on your desired page - all your later changes in the video gallery will become visible automatically. Cincopa also provides plugins and modules for popular platforms, which make responsive video embedding even easier.

Responsive Interactive Elements

Interactive elements look great and engage on smaller screens too.

  • Video Email Capture (Lead Generation)
  • Call-To-Action
  • Annotation
  • Chapters

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