Cincopa Video Annotations

Video annotations create deeper viewer engagement adding clickable links, highlights, and messages at key points throughout the video timeline.

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Video Annotations as CTAs

Video annotations Creates deeper user engagement with your video and your business by adding clickable links and messages at key points throughout the video timeline without interrupting the viewer as a CTA would.

Video Annotation for Education

Offer viewers additional resources, explanations and post-production highlights to engage and promote better understanding.

Add multiply Annotations

Use multiply annotation as you need, and alter their duration to be visible throughout the video or just for a short while.

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Clickable Annotation

Annotation areas can be set to be clickable and open on the same page or in a new tab.


Cincopa's video annotations are completly customizable and offer various layouts

Title annotation

Add a line of overlay text into the video player to grab maximum attention. Set its position, timing, custom color, and size.

Label annotation

A textbox with a custom link looks great and easily highlights a specific part of your video, particularly when you can customize it, including with any link of your choice.

Timeline annotation

Mark out some hot points on the video timeline with text and links.

Spotlight annotation

Overlay text in a frame that marks out noteworthy text at a specified point of the video, complete with full customization capabilities, too.

Note annotation

Add a note or two to the video player and help viewers understand your topic better. Again, this option is fully customizable.

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